Please be patient.  This is a slow opening.  We are accepting appointments for Angela and Sheri at this time. 

All inquiries should be made by telephone.  Please leave us a message and we'll get back to you A.S.A.P. 




Leave purses, bags, food and beverage containers outside of the salon.

Credit card, phone and keys are okay.

We will discontinue beverage and snack service at this time.

Have a mask that fits behind your ears.  Masks will get stained because of the color process.  We reccommend diposable. 

We will not be providing robes.

Although we are careful, clothing could get stained during the color process.

We ask that you arrive at your scheduled appointment time and no sooner.  

Please come alone as our waiting area must remain closed.

If family, children or friends come with you they will have to wait outside.

If a child cannot receive their service without accompaniment we are unable to welcome them at this time.


Upon Arrival............


Have your mask on.  

Wait by the door to be let in. 

Have your tempature taken and sign a waiver.

When you've been let in please sanitize your hands or wash them in the bathroom and have a seat at your stylist's sanitized station.

Working stylist's are spaced six feet a part.  There are barriers where that is not possible. 

Stylists will be in full PPE. 

To reduce the risk of exposure we will stop conversation when we're within 6ft. of you. 

After your consultation, conversation will be held to a minimum. 


While in the salon.........


Refrain from touching retail products.  Bring a list and your stylist will collect the items for you.

With the exception of your stylist working on you, please observe 6ft. social distancing from guests and staff.

At the end of your service or during your processing time your stylist will take you through the checkout process at the styling chair. 

After process is complete your stylist will let you out.  


Your health and well being is of our utmost concern.

We're looking forward to welcoming you back.

Wildflower Salon